How to Apply for the Marcus Oldham College Scholarship?

To apply for this scholarship, please follow the following steps:

(1) Click here to submit an application for admission to Marcus Oldham College.

(2) Compile the following documents for submission:

  • a copy of your resume and the names and telephone numbers of two professional references
    Please include a copy of your high school transcript and your university’s ENTER score if you’ve applied.
  • Scholarship essay: 500-word essay answering the following question: “In applying for this scholarship, you are signalling your interest in a career in the sheep and wool industry. What future activity in the industry do you wish to pursue?”
  • 100-word essay on “What are your career objectives and aspirations?” for college applications.

(3) Submit your scholarship application using

Contact: [email protected].

03 5244 1263 is the fax number
Send the application to this address by mail.
Marcus Oldham College Scholarship Coordinator Geelong Mail Centre VIC 3221


The number of scholarship applications an applicant can make is unlimited; however, a student can only earn one award at a time. For multiple scholarship applications, you just need to submit one CV and one copy of your college essay.
An E-mail confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address indicated on your CV.
Three weeks before the interview date, applicants who have been shortlisted will be notified. In 2022, the Marcus Oldham campus will host interviews on September 12th, 2022. Except for overseas applicants, the College does not conduct scholarship interviews by Skype, Facetime, or phone. Scholarships may be withheld if there are no qualified candidates… In addition, the College has the authority to extend the deadlines for applications and interviews.
To accept the scholarship, the selected candidate must submit a Scholarship Acceptance Letter to the College within seven days after being notified in writing of their selection.

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